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Allow the indigenous Waodani tribe to be in the drivers seat

For the first time in the Waodani tribe’s history, there are a growing number of elderly people that some members of the younger generation have decided to care for. In an effort to create an economy to support the older generation, a group of Waodani Christians from the tribe has asked ITEC and ITEC Ecuador to help them in hosting short-term experiences in the jungle. These visits will expose outsiders to a true hunter/gatherer lifestyle that can only truly be created by those who have lived it.

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July 8-17, 2021

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Trip Overview

This trip will offer an exposure of different cultures and people, while also allowing the indigenous people to be in the driver’s seat. The team will fly into Quito, travel down to Shell, where they will spend 1-2 nights before heading out to the jungles for 4-5 days. The village where the teams will be staying in the jungle is right outside of Tzapino. In the jungles, you will spend time living the Waodani lifestyle. This could include things like hunting and fishing, building a garden, or learning how to make hammocks. While we are in the jungles, the Waodani are in charge. After leaving the jungles, we will have a couple days in Shell. During this time, a team leader from ITEC will process through material that will help challenge your perspective on missions. We will take the last two days to see Ecuador and experience the culture as we head back up to Quito. The time in Quito will include a trip to the equator.


The cost of this experience is $1,550 plus airfare from the U.S. to Quito, Ecuador. This fee will cover all of your expenses from the time you arrive in Ecuador until the time you leave. The only additional expense you might have would be for any souvenirs you decide to purchase on the trip.

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Our trip dates don’t work with your schedule? Schedule your own trip to the Jungle with us! Make a group of 8+ people. (over 15+ people and it could be just your group) Then fill out the application selecting “Custom Trip Date” so we can work on finding dates for the vision trip.

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