I-FLY: There is a great need for missionary pilots who can help spread the Gospel in places beyond roads. I-FLY is a 3 year A&P apprenticeship program where trainees acquire their Aircraft Maintenance Technician license (A&P). 

UAV System: Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) create new opportunities to complement traditional missions aviation. The ITEC team is currently developing UAVs capable of carrying potentially life-saving payloads to remote areas, completely autonomously, and returning to a pinpoint location even in conditions too dangerous to fly traditional aircraft. The goal is to equip those in the field to use this affordable and potentially life-saving technology in all corners of the globe.

ITEC Discipleship does locally in the U.S. what IaTEC promotes globally: the training and equipping of Christ-followers to meet the needs of people around them through ITEC’s LIFE Focus.

LIFE  Focus: By teaching and empowering people, rather than creating dependency through handouts, the church will be able to develop meaningful and lasting relationships with people in their own community while having the opportunity to share the good news of Jesus Christ. In the U.S., most people may have access to dentists, doctors, and optometrists. However, there are still hurting people all around us. Their pain just looks different. People are struggling in their finances, careers, and families and need someone to come alongside them and empower them to make a change. This is ITEC’s LIFE Focus. Developing tools for discipleship and walking His trail in all areas of life.

You may know about the ITEC portable dental chair or the innovative UAV program. These tools are the handiwork of our engineering research and development team. There’s always a new project being worked on or an existing product being tweaked and improved by this talented team of engineering experts.

I-FIX: The engineering team also facilitates I-FIX training, teaching indigenous Christ-followers to maintain and repair various small engine tools. Chainsaws, boat motors, generators and motorcycles are critical tools in frontier areas across the globe. Maintaining and repairing these tools is the focus of our I-FIX training facilitated by our engineering team.

Our Health program focuses on training and equipping indigenous Christ-followers to meet basic physical needs in their communities that open doors to share the Gospel.

I-MED: Teaches non-health care workers to learn to offer safe and effective basic health care services when those services are not otherwise available.

I-SEE:  Teaches skills required to identify and treat common eyesight problems as a small self-sustaining ministry.

I-DENT: Teaches critical dental skills needed in places where people do not have access to dental care.

ITEC Media produces videos and other digital resources that support the vision of ITEC and help spread the word about what God is doing through ITEC.

The media team also facilitates I-FILM training which aims to equip indigenous Christ-followers to tell stories that glorify the name of Christ through film.

I-FILM: This unique training program provides students with a basic understanding of film composition, editing, and visual storytelling. Students purchase I-FILM kits consisting up an iPad mini, tripod, and other gear capable of shooting, editing, and distributing high-quality projects.