Missions Dilemma Leader’s Kit


Save Money on this combination package of the Missions Dilemma with the 7-session video series, Teacher’s Guide, Workbook, and The Great Omission book ($11 in savings).

The Missions Dilemma is a 7-session series that examines the current model of North American missions and compares it to the Biblical approach that Christ modeled for us. Our goal in this series is to provide anyone interested in missions with the opportunity to understand what our role in the Great Commission is, and how that role fits in to the larger, global community of believers.

The Workbook, partnered with the Missions Dilemma series, allows a small group to go deeper into the study with short stories by Steve, summaries, and discussion questions.

The Teacher’s Guide accompanies the Missions Dilemma study and will help you manage your time in hosting the class as well leave plenty of room for notes.

The Great Omission is a  powerful call for the inclusion of indigenous believers in the Great Commission, Steve Saint shows how current missions strategies have unwittingly harmed the indigenous church and kept millions of believers from fulfilling their roles in God’s Kingdom—and millions of others from hearing the Good News.

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