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Teaching Repair & Maintenance Skills

Equipping indigenous Christ-followers to meet mechanical needs around them. 

Mechanical training focusing on motorcycles and maintenance in Western Africa.  

Mechanical skills opening doors to share Jesus.

By helping someone fix a broken generator in a pinch, there could be a unique opportunity to share Jesus with them. That’s why we train mechanics. This in-depth training focuses on a variety of areas, including the three listed below.

Mechanical Training Focus

Tools & Hardware

Learning the basics about tools, nuts, and bolts is the foundation to fixing and maintaining engines of all sizes.

Small Engine Repair

From boat motors to chainsaws, motorcycles to generators, frontier areas rely on many mechanical tools to sustain life. Mechanical training provides foundational skills to fix common problems with these tools.


Trainees learn maintenance basics like changing oil, replacing filters, and swapping out spark plugs, which are all critical to extending small engine life.

Recent Mechanical Updates