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LIFE Study

LIFE Study is a North American Discipleship Study

Exploring how we can live lives that bring glory to God and make Him known.

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LIFE Study helps us look at what the Bible teaches about different areas of our lives, and helps us apply those Truths in a practical way. The areas explored through this study include: success, financial, career, family, physical, social, intellectual, and spiritual. The LIFE Study is a tool for real world, practical discipleship to encourage living intentionally in every area of life, reflecting the love and light of Christ into a world that is dark and without hope.
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How LIFE Study Works


Small Group Focus

LIFE Study is designed to be completed as a community. Having a group of believers walking through all of these lessons together helps to challenge, encourage, and unite the church body.


Workbook & Videos

Each LIFE Study session will focus on a new area of life, with three devotions that correspond to that area.


The Bible

The most important resource you will need as you go through the workbook will be your Bible. Each lesson will have verses to look up as well as references for additional study.

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