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Indigenous Medical Training

Helping those without access to medical care while sharing the Gospel.

Opening Doors to the Gospel with

Medical Care

I-MED is a highly-focused medical training program designed to make it possible for indigenous non-health care workers to learn to offer safe and effective health care services to those who otherwise would not have access to medical care. When medical services are not available, anyone who can bring life-saving skills to a community has an instant platform for sharing their motivation for providing that health care. Equipping the local church to provide these services to the community makes Christ’s love tangible to those who otherwise might not be disposed to listen.


The I-MED team trains and equips local Christ-followers in a medical curriculum so they can meet a variety of basic physical needs. This training enables the indigenous church to care for local physical needs long after the training team leaves.

I-MED Heartbeat

The goal of I-MED, and every ITEC training, is to train locals to meet a physical need in order to open up a door to share the Gospel. Hurting people need medical care, and helping solve this physical problem can present an opportunity to share Jesus.

Continued Mission

After the training, I-MED graduates continue to help the indigenous people with basic medical care. The opportunity for these trainees to share the love of Jesus with people that have both physical and spiritual ailments is immense and continue in the years to come.

I-MED was one of the three training programs on a recent trip to Uganda.

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