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To spread the Gospel in hard to reach places.  

Developing New Tools, Helping Maintain The Old

ITEC Engineering

Through the years, the ITEC engineers have developed a number of innovative tools to meet needs in hard to reach areas. The highly-skilled team is committed to solving problems that make it possible to meet needs in remote areas to create opportunities to share the gospel.

The I-FIX Training was developed by the engineering team to train indigenous Christ-followers to troubleshoot and repair motorcycles, chainsaws, outboard motors, and other small engine tools in frontier areas.

ITEC Engineering Innovations

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Portable Dental Chair

In frontier areas, lawn chairs or folding chairs are commonly the only seats available for a dental procedure. The ITEC Portable Dental Chair was developed by our engineering team to fix this problem, both for the patients and the dentist. It weighs only 34 lbs and folds and can be even be carried as a backpack.

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I-SEE Lens Ladder

The I-SEE program gives hope to those who don't have access to basic vision care. The program ITEC developed empowers an indigenous Christ-follower to do a basic eye exam and provide vision enhancement to someone in need. The ingenious lens ladder invented by the engineering team make it easy for patients to sample the various powers of glasses to find the prescription that fits their needs.

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The Maverick

The Maverick was developed to carry people and equipment beyond roads. A true flying car, the Maverick featured a dual drive system so the steering and acceleration used the same controls on the ground as they did in the air. This project included numerous innovations from our engineering team, and they even won a Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Award in 2009.

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