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The Missions Dilemma is a 7-session series examining the current model of North American missions compared to the Biblical approach that Christ modeled for us.

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Missions Dilemma

Session 1

Imagine Their Point of View:
How have we, as North Americans, done missions in the past and how we can improve going forward? Will we be going to “fix” people or go in with the aim to partner with the National believers in an interdependent relationship?

Session 2

The Gospel As Culture:
In order to truly partner with the local church we must learn to separate our culture from the Gospel, so that we do not give them our container, just the water (Jesus).

Session 3

Think Family:
Dependency is a crippling and debilitating disease that, once contracted, is almost impossible to get rid of. And yet, it is a social and spiritual disease that almost all North Americans carry when we go to places in the world where the people have less, materially, than we do.

Session 4

All Parts Need All Parts:
When we go with an attitude of listening, we earn respect and learn what other parts of the worldwide church bring to the body. We all need the other parts of the body to function effectively. We are all equal.


Session 5

Make Disciples That Make Disciples:
Are short-term mission trips, as a whole, the most profitable way for us to pour our time, energy, and resources into missions? We really need to have the courage to go back to the drawing table and ask, isn’t there a better way of doing missions?

Session 6

Know, Go, Show, Blow:
We need to Know God’s will and be in it before we can teach others. We need to Go to where people do not know the Good News or where they need to be equipped to share it. We need to Show others what we have learned. Then, we need to Blow away (leave).

Session 7

Walking God’s Trail – Together:
Understand the receiver’s point of view, see how they see. Our purpose in missions is not to evangelize the whole world, it is to disciple Christ’s church so that together the church can evangelize the whole world.