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ITEC Ecuador

Based in Shell, Ecuador.

National Christ-followers Serving In Their Own Communities 

The Pursuit

Since ITEC’s founding in 1996, our pursuit is to help Christ-followers understand that God has gifted every believer to participate in the Great Commission.

(Matthew 28:19-20)

The Focus Areas

Business as Mission

ITEC Ecuador works with ITEC USA as one organization, interdependent on each other. In this interdependency, our team in Ecuador engages in numerous Business as Mission projects to fund the ministry work they do.

RV-10 Project: The team in Ecuador works with ITEC USA and Saint Aviation in the building of RV-10 airplanes. This project employs many Ecuadorian nationals and brings in revenue for the ministry.

Jungle Transportation: Accessing remote places in the jungles of Ecuador make aviation an invaluable asset. The team in Ecuador run a transportation and cargo business to the jungles to fund the ministry, and also allow for relief and ministry oriented flying.

Canoes: The team also fabricates fiberglass canoes for jungle transportation and to sell.

Mission & Ministry

The goal of all the projects in Ecuador is to support Ecuadorians reaching out to Ecuadorians and other South American communities, advancing the Gospel. This is done through the following:

Training: Just like ITEC USA trains in multiple disciplines, ITEC Ecuador also equips locals with door opening skills. Whether they are conducting training at their facility in Shell, or deep in the jungles, this represents a great mission opportunity.

Church Partnership: The desire is to have ITEC connected with local churches, bringing them together to encourage their congregations towards Great Commission participation.  Recently, ITEC Ecuador has engaged in theater and arts programs that have brought local churches together.

Vision Trips

You may have heard about the Wao Vision Trips. ITEC has been facilitating trips into the jungles to visit the Waodani for many years. The goal of these trips is to expose North American Christians with a picture of missions from the receivers point of view.

ITEC Ecuador helps arrange, facilitate, and plan logistics for these trips.

In addition to the one or two trips we arrange every year, ITEC Ecuador continues to offer this opportunity additionally for visitors to Shell. For more information, contact Galo Ortiz via WhatsApp +593 98 449 7888.

These trips aim to serve as a cross-cultural exposure for outsiders and also to help build a sustainable tourism business for the Waodani. While in the jungles, the Waodani are the hosts, teaching the hunter-gatherer lifestyle needed to survive.

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The Staff

There are around 15 Ecuadorian nationals working to advance the mission at ITEC Ecuador.

The Goal

Imagine seeing churches and organizations partnering all over the world, interdependent on each other, leveraging collective strengths, working towards spreading the Gospel to the far corners of the Earth. This is what we desire to see, and this is why we exist.