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Missionary Aviation Development

A&P Apprenticeship and Missionary Aviation Consulting

Learn about a group from our I-FLY team that is feeling led to the Amazon to spread the Gospel there.

We are not a flight school, but instead focus on training and equipping future A&P mechanics and supporting already certified missionary aviators in the field.

Build Aircraft

Learn General Maintenance

Overhaul & Fix Engines

Focusing On

Missionary Aviation Development

The I-FLY A&P apprenticeship program is a 3 year program in which trainees acquire their Aircraft Maintenance Technician license (A&P). Each member of the team will be able to build aircraft, learn general maintenance, overhaul and fix engines, and run a plane mechanic shop. ITEC also comes alongside existing independent missionary aviators by proving advice, consulting, and strategizing. Get in touch with us below if you are interested in the A&P apprenticeship program or are an independent missionary aviator seeking advice.

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