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July 7, 2021

Why Equip?

The Equip team at ITEC exists to inspire and guide churches, ministries, and individuals in their Great Commission participation. We work to build bridges of understanding and partnerships between churches…
June 29, 2021

Practical Partnership

A few years ago, a friend of mine came to help me with a home project that was going to take several weeks to complete. It was a project that…
Mission Minute
May 27, 2021

It Was Their Idea, Not Ours

Growing up in the Ecuadorian jungle provided Steve Saint with an intimate knowledge of the culture of the Waodani and a deep love for their people. When his Aunt Rachel,…
Mission Minute
May 4, 2021

What is the Harm in Calling Everything Missions

"If you want to leave the unreached the unreached, tell everyone they are a missionary." Matthew Ellison Are you a Missionary? How believers answer this question may have direct implication…
Mission Minute
April 21, 2021

Missions is Not About a Place, But About People

In a year of uncertainty, illness, financial instability, and travel restrictions, many of us have become aware of the difficulties which missionaries face. Many missionaries have found themselves with no…
About ITEC
April 7, 2021

How the Death of Five Missionaries in 1956 Led to the Founding of ITEC

Even though ITEC was officially founded in central Florida in 1996, it was first given life in the same place where five young missionaries were killed: deep in the Amazon.…

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About ITEC

How the Death of Five Missionaries in 1956 Led to the Founding of ITEC

April 7, 2021
Even though ITEC was officially founded in central Florida in 1996, it was first given…
Mission Minute

How Could You Love The Man Who Killed Your Father?

April 6, 2021
Steve Saint lost his father in what is one of the most well-known stories of…
Mission Minute

The Idols of the Western Church

March 25, 2021
Many of us spend our lives working towards traditional milestones of success such as home…
Mission Transportation

Increasing Safety for Missionary Pilots

March 22, 2021
Glen from the International Association of Mission Aviation (IAMA) and Mission Safety International (MSI) approached…
Mission Minute

Your Worth is in How God Sees You

March 10, 2021
Have you ever felt as if you didn’t have any skills or resources that God…
Mission MinuteRefugees

Uniquely Equipped to Come Alongside Refugees

February 19, 2021 For many people who reside in the war-torn areas of the Middle East and…

Mission Minded

Mission Minded Podcast

Media Being Used to Advance the Gospel

Audio Only:     An award-winning documentary producer, Dianne Becker is unique in the world…
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Solving Complex Problems Through Partnership
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Church Planting in Bosnia, Missio Nexus, and Spiritual Retreat with Ted Esler
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Missionary Pilot Kevin Donaldson Reflects on Aviation Tragedy in Peru
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Becoming Elisabeth Elliot with Author Ellen Vaughn
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Navigating the Changing World of Missions Aviation

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