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Christ’s Great Commission given in Matthew 28 is clear. We are called to go and make disciples. Often, when we think of frontier mission work, we think of church planting and Bible translation. Though both are very important, the complications of going, reaching and sharing might require solving unique problems. At ITEC, we believe the challenges met by Christ followers in frontier locations around the world may create an opportunity to develop a creative solution. Working alongside indigenous Christ followers and mission minded organizations, ITEC is developing new tools, training, and adapting technology that can give indigenous Christ followers ways to meet needs and share the Gospel in their communities. We believe that engineering and developing tools is an essential part of advancing the Gospel, and we know that God is calling others to this mission as well. If God has gifted you with the abilities to problem solve, tinker, and innovate, perhaps it is time to consider how you can use your skills to help the Gospel go to the ends of the earth. When we listen to the needs of those working on the front lines and partner with them, we can all work together to the glory of God.

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