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Earlier this year, Rick, the director of Worldwide Biomedical Charitable Services (WBCS), contacted ITEC after learning about our training model. WBCS exists to provide technical support services to mission hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities throughout the world. We were honored to come alongside and help them transition from going and repairing medical equipment to doing their own trainings. They recently completed their first training in West Africa of five people who can now maintain and operate the medical equipment at their Christian hospital. Instead of depending on outsiders for repairs and maintenance, the hospital can now depend on these trained local Christ followers for their equipment needs.

Seeing Christ followers use the skills and gifts they have been given for the advancement of the Great Commission is both inspiring and convicting. When we learn to listen to those whom we are serving and take the time to understand their needs, we often find that our ideas about how we can ‘help’ must change. Training indigenous Christ followers with practical skills creates opportunities for them to share their faith with their own people in a way outsiders cannot.

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