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For some, God makes himself known in big, miraculous ways. For others, like Darryl and Hazel Edwards, he reveals himself in small and, literally, organic ways. It was through the study of microorganisms in soil that God revealed to them that He alone is the master creator of our world. In the time since that seemingly small revelation, God has worked in big and miraculous ways through the Edwards’ ministry.

In this episode of our Mission Minded Podcast, we are joined by Darryl and Hazel Edwards of Foundations for Farming. Foundations for Farming aims to provide impoverished rural communities with the skills and knowledge to become profitable, self-sustaining communities. The four principles of their strategy, work is done on time, at a high standard, without waste, and with joy, have proved to be highly successful. Their model allows them to enter most areas regardless of the religion of the community.

Often, NGOs with good intentions unwittingly create dependence within poor farming communities. An essential element of the work of Foundations for Farming focuses on changing the hearts of those in the community. With this focus, they can restore a community’s dignity and sense of self-worth, showing that they have value in Christ.