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Last month, our team had the opportunity to conduct a dental training in East Africa. We would love for you to join us in praising God for three highlights of the trip.

  • First, we celebrate that one of the local leaders for this training is a previous trainee. One of the core processes to ITEC’s training model is to empower those who are  trained so they can continue training others. This mindset of multiplication leads to sustainability in missions rather than dependency. We were greatly encouraged to see the evidence of the success of this model through the years.
  • Second, this training saw a 100% graduation rate among the students. Graduation rates are often reflective of a community’s dedication not only to learning a skill, but also to the continuation of practice. A graduation rate of 100% leaves us highly optimistic.
  • Third, continued practice began immediately once our team left. The trainees were even able to set up a dental care room inside a local dispensary. This has great implications for the community because there are often as few as one or two dentists for an entire country in Africa. There is abundant opportunity to share the Gospel with those who come from outlying areas for basic dentistry.

Because the impact of the global pandemic is ever changing, when and where we are able to conduct in-person trainings has been unpredictable. We celebrate these successes with even more enthusiasm and look forward to continuing the work which God has called each of us to do. 

If you are interested in learning more about what these trainings are like or think your international partners might be interested, please visit our Equip Page for more information.