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You may have heard that the hardest part of any journey is the first step. Many times, we struggle with knowing where or how to begin. Entering the world of global missions is no different. In this video from our Mission Minded Podcast, we asked Ted Esler for his advice to those who want to involve themselves in missions but don’t know where to start. Speaking from 38 years of experience in missions, he suggested the following:

  • A great first step is seeking information about the global missions movement. Perspectives  on the World Christian Movement is a great course that offers a breadth of understanding for global missions. The course offers learning from four different “perspectives”- Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic.  To find a local course or to enroll online, visit Perspectives.
  • Although much travel is still restricted due to COVID-19, immersing yourself in other cultures will give you insight into new aspects of missions. Even if you are not able to travel overseas, you can engage immigrants and refugees within your own community. Asking questions about someone’s experiences and where they are from is a great way to open the door for a Gospel conversation.
  • The work of the Great Commission is not new. Although the mandate was given to the disciples of Jesus shortly after his resurrection, the entire Bible tells the story of a rich redemptive history. Understanding this history is vital to the work of missions today.

ITEC exists for the purpose of inspiring others to embrace their role in fulfilling the Great Commission. We would love to come alongside you and your church as you think about your missions involvement. Contact us for more information.

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