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At ITEC, we believe that every Christ follower has a role to play in the Great Commission, whether you are actively doing work in the mission field, researching other cultures, developing new tools, or contributing financially to these ends. While understanding our role in the work of global missions may seem daunting, there are small steps that every one of us can take to fulfill the command of Jesus to go and make disciples.

One of the easiest ways to involve yourselves in global missions is to start with what you have! Managing our resources is not only Biblical, it is essential to the distribution of the Gospel, a command which was given to us by Jesus.

The Bible tells us in Psalm 24:1 that everything on the earth belongs to God. As his stewards, we are to manage and multiply those resources for his glory. With proper stewardship, what is given to us can be used to accomplish the enormous task of making disciples of all nations. In this clip from an episode of our Mission Minded podcast, Jim and Chuck Bentley of Crown Financial Ministries discuss the meaning of stewardship and its purpose in fulfilling the Great Commission.

For the full episode of our Mission Minded Podcast.