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A few years ago, a friend of mine came to help me with a home project that was going to take several weeks to complete. It was a project that I had never done nor attempted, and honestly, I wasn’t sure I could do it. But, my friend was a former general contractor with the knowledge and experience that I lacked. He convinced me that together we could get it done. From the demolition of the old and hauling it away to the install of the new, my friend was there every step of the way. In the end, we got it done together.

Invitation to Participate

Each one of us who follow Christ have been invited to participate in a home project with Jesus. He has invited us to join Him in a work that is so much more important than a home project – it is all about people. There are Christ followers all over the world that have a desire to reach their own people with the Good News that Jesus loves them and desires to have a redeeming relationship with them. Many of these people live in remote or frontier areas where there is little access to services that may be available in larger cities. By training local Christ followers to meet needs of their community, they will have an opportunity to show the love of Christ as well as share it.

This is what the Waodani believers were feeling in 1994 when they asked my dad and our family to teach them to care for the needs of their people as a door opener to share the Gospel. They had missions done to them, but they were never invited to participate. They wanted to learn so they would be available when there was a problem and would be able to share the love of Jesus rather than just taking care of a physical problem.

Opening Doors

Today, we partner with Christ followers in frontier areas around the world with training that will give them access to people that otherwise would not welcome them. By training them how to meet real physical and felt needs in areas where those services do not exist, they have tremendous opportunities to reach the unreached people groups all around them.

We are all called to participate in the Great Commission. What skills do you have that could be used to equip and empower indigenous Christ followers around the world to meet people’s needs in their communities?