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Growing up in the Ecuadorian jungle provided Steve Saint with an intimate knowledge of the culture of the Waodani and a deep love for their people. When his Aunt Rachel, who lived the last half of her life with the Waodani, died, the tribe asked Steve and his family to move to Ecuador to be with them. When asked what they wanted to be done for them, the Waodani emphatically replied that they didn’t want anything to be done.

Foreigners had been coming for years and simply doing things for them, resulting in the unintentional sidelining of the indigenous church. They wanted to learn how to do those things for themselves so they could take the Gospel to the surrounding areas. This conversation laid the foundations for the mission of ITEC. The Great Commission was a command given to all believers of all nations. By equipping the indigenous church with skills to meet felt needs within their own communities, we have the ability to create open doors for the Gospel to spread to new areas. 

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