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Even though ITEC was officially founded in central Florida in 1996, it was first given life in the same place where five young missionaries were killed: deep in the Amazon. God began writing this story almost 70 years ago when he called Nate Saint, Jim Elliot, Ed McCulley, Roger Youderian, and Pete Flemming, all recently married and starting families, to take the Gospel to the unreached tribes in the Ecuadorian jungle.

The sacrifice and efforts of these five men laid a foundation which allowed Elisabeth Elliot, the wife of Jim Elliot, and Rachel Saint, sister of Nate Saint, to live with the tribe. Through their work, many in the tribe began to “walk God’s trail,” leaving behind their violent ways and celebrating their new life in Jesus.

But God wasn’t done writing this story. After his Aunt Rachel died, Steve Saint moved to the jungles of Ecuador with his family. He asked the Waodani what he could do for them that the other Western missionaries weren’t already doing. In this video, Steve recalls this conversation and how it lead to the founding of ITEC.