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For many people who reside in the war-torn areas of the Middle East and North Africa, fleeing their homes is often their only road to safety. While living in an area under heavy threat of violence and poverty is a terrifying prospect, so is moving your family to a new country with no money, contacts, shared language, or job security. Many refugees arrive in a new country hoping to settle quickly into their new lives. However, this process can often take up to a year and a half or more. 

Norma has been uniquely equipped by God to come alongside many of these refugees, helping them to navigate their paths to stability. Showing the love of Jesus in such a practical way creates an open door for her to share the Gospel with these families. In this clip from our Mission Minded Podcast, Norma gives insight into some of the common struggles of refugees and discusses the unique opportunities which her circumstances have provided her. 

To hear more of Norma’s story, watch the full episode here.