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This week on the Mission Minded Podcast, we are joined by the Director of ITEC Ecuador, Galo Ortiz. Growing up on the edge of the Amazon Rainforest in Shell Mera, he has seen mission work change through the years. Galo’s grandparents worked with JAARS in the 1950’s and assisted with logistics for Nate and Marj Saint as they worked with MAF. Galo has worked with the ITEC Team since 1999 to train and equip Christ-followers in South America.

Mission Minded Podcast: In Matthew 28:18-20 we are commissioned by Christ to make disciples of all the nations. Living in light of this scriptural call can be challenging. Join the Mission Minded podcast and participate in discussions with mission minded individuals that come from diverse backgrounds, working all over the world, to bring some of the challenges into the light. The ITEC team hosts special guests who tell stories, ask questions, and inspire us to use our God-given gifts to take the Gospel to our neighbors and the nations.

Mission Minded Podcast is produced by ITEC. The goal of this podcast is to inspire conversations about Great Commission participation. The views, organizations, and individuals represented, interviewed, and discussed on the podcast do not necessarily represent an official position or formal partnerships with ITEC.

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  • Chris Humphrey says:

    Great interview guys. Clearly, Galo has a bunch of wisdom to share. I greatly enjoyed his thoughts on economy in ministry, inter-dependency, and self-supporting ministry.
    Have a great weekend!