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On today’s episode of Mission Minded we are joined by Craig and Julie Hunter, volunteers in ITEC’s dental training program, administration, and training follow-up. The Hunters joined the ITEC team five years ago. At that time, Craig had recently sold his dental practice in Wisconsin with no plans of pursuing a ministry position. But God had different plans!

Mission Minded Podcast: In Matthew 28:18-20 we are commissioned by Christ to make disciples of all the nations. Living in light of this scriptural call can be challenging. Join the Mission Minded podcast and participate in discussions with mission minded individuals that come from diverse backgrounds, working all over the world, to bring some of the challenges into the light. The ITEC team hosts special guests who tell stories, ask questions, and inspire us to use our God-given gifts to take the Gospel to our neighbors and the nations.

Mission Minded Podcast is produced by ITEC. The goal of this podcast is to inspire conversations about Great Commission participation. The views, organizations, and individuals represented, interviewed, and discussed on the podcast do not necessarily represent an official position or formal partnerships with ITEC.


  • Bill Griffin says:

    Having worked with Craig and Julie on multiple trips, I can say that the Lord is using them in a powerful way. Craig’s calm spirit reassures anxious students, and Julie’s enthusiasm inspires other team members to see God’s hand at work. A bit bummed out that the Coronavirus cost us a May trip to Tanzania, but I look forward to serving with them again, Lord-willing.

  • Phil and Ellen Patridge says:

    Enjoyed this Podcast with Julie and Craig Hunter. I too am a Dentist and my wife is an RDH. We retired in 2015. I retired after 32 years in the Army and Ellen was dx with breast cancer in 2015. When coming out of tx, I ask Ellen about going on a vacation and she responded ” I want to go on a Mission trip to thank God”. This started a journey that we’ve continued today. Interesting when returning from a Mission trip to Ecuador we were on a flight with Itec coming home. This led to a visit to Itec. We are fascinated by the Itec Ministry and I’ve often felt God calling us but we have bonded with a Community in Bolivar, Ecuador. We go at least once a year but would like to go more often. We’ve developed Godly relationships with this Community and love the people there. Ellen and I love the ITEC Ministry and will continue to Pray for ITEC and God’s direction in our lives. Blessings to Craig and Julie Hunter.