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Mission Minded is happy to have Jaime Saint, Executive Director of ITEC,  in the studio. Join in the conversation!

Mission Minded Podcast: In Matthew 28:18-20 we are commissioned by Christ to make disciples of all the nations. Living in light of this scriptural call can be challenging. Join the Mission Minded podcast and participate in discussions with mission minded individuals that come from diverse backgrounds, working all over the world, to bring some of the challenges into the light. The ITEC team hosts special guests who tell stories, ask questions, and inspire us to use our God-given gifts to take the Gospel to our neighbors and the nations.


  • José L Rosario says:

    I’m interested to go on a short term mission in near future with ITEC. Blessings.

  • David says:

    Can you submit the podcast to Podbean? This is my existing podcatcher and it would be easier for me to listen to if you could. Thanks!

    • Daniel says:

      Hey David,

      I just submitted it to Podbean this morning. Please reply and let me know if you’re able to find it there.

      ITEC Team

  • Leland says:

    Great Podcast! It’s humbling to see the insight we can gain, if we really listen to “stone age” fellow believers. To see how God has used the “least of these” to radically change the traditional western, well “funded”, and well “educated” mission perspective. Blessings.