In the country of Haiti, there is no shortage of challenges. Alongside these challenges, there is also a great deal of aid and relief work taking place. While these efforts are well-intentioned, Haiti has become increasingly dependent on outsiders.

Pastor Marc outlines a new vision for his nation. What if Haitians helped Haitians? His vision for this beautiful country, filled with people made in the image of God, is to see believers reaching out to their own people. The primary goal is for God to work through them so many may know the name of Jesus as the only way. But, along the way, these believers can love their neighbors and tend to the physical needs all around them.

This is the vision of ITEC. We develop tools and training systems, train and equip indigenous Christ-followers, and equip others to do the same. God has equipped us all uniquely to play a part in the Great Commission. Some people, like Pastor Marc, are ‘plowing’ and ‘planting’ soil in Haiti. Others, like you and me, can ask what skills, talents, and resources God has given us that we can pass on.

While monetary support often comes to mind, maybe the call is for you to get involved in another way. Are you a mission pastor, skilled professional, or a teacher that loves the Lord? Have you ever participated in a  short-term relief trip? Have you considered training on a future trip? If you answered yes to any of these questions, maybe God is calling you to explore this idea with us. Let’s look at partnering with our brothers and sisters in Christ abroad so a short-term trip can produce long-term opportunities for the Gospel to go out.