A recent study by Barna confirms a concerning trend among churchgoers: More than 75% of the surveyed group either had no knowledge of the Great Commission or couldn’t recall its exact meaning. While this trend is frightening, we as an organization prefer not to dwell on the negative in favor of asking what God might be asking us to do in light of this information.

What is Everyone’s Responsibility is Nobody’s Responsibility

Through the course of this year, some of our staff have read a book called When Everything is Missions. The book highlights important differences between the word ‘missions’ and ‘mission’. Just like Steve Saint’s challenges to the paradigm of short-term mission trips, this book challenges the audience to understand the difference between the two terms so the Gospel, by God’s leading, might go forth where it has not yet gone. This short book illustrates some factors of why many churchgoers don’t know about Christ’s commission.

Jaime, ITEC’s Executive Director, wrote this article about the work to increase our focus on the ‘Equip’ side of ITEC. We desire to partner with churches and organizations in North America to work collectively towards accomplishing the task Scripture calls us to. One way we want to start this dialogue is with a new podcast that will start in early January.

A New Podcast!

The podcast is called Mission Minded and will feature stories from missionaries, church leaders, pastors, ITEC trainers, trainees, and more! These stories will inspire and challenge us all to think holistically about God’s call for us to reach both our neighbors and the nations.

We would love to have you join the conversation with us in early January. Sign up to receive ITEC emails to be notified when the podcast will begin!