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As this year comes to a close, we look back over all that we have to be thankful for.  We are grateful for the opportunities the Lord has given us to serve His people around the world by training them to meet needs as a door opener to share the Gospel. We are also thankful for all of you, our extended ITEC Team, who are so faithful in praying for us and supporting us financially.

As we look back over 2019, one of the things that stands out is our rebranding with a new logo that more clearly states who we are. We loved the old logo, but we often found ourselves explaining how we are not a mission aviation company before we talked about who we truly are. While our mission has stayed the same, the goal was to simplify and clarify why we exist. ITEC is a team focused on DEVELOPing tools and curriculum that can be used to TRAIN mature Christ-followers around the world to reach their own people with the Gospel by meeting physical needs, and EQUIPping others to do the same.

Equipping Others to do the Same

Many people know ITEC as a team that develops unique tools like a portable dental chair, or as a group that trains Christ-followers in rural areas around the world. However, our goal is not to just expand our team. As we finish this year and move into 2020, we desire to increase our efforts to equip other individuals, churches, and organizations both in the United States and around the world with this vision.

If our goal as believers is to reach the three billion (3,000,000,000) people on this planet that have never heard the name of Jesus, then we must focus on partnering with, equipping, and empowering God’s people around the world. My Dad calls it ‘interdependency’ in the Missions Dilemma study series. We want to support mission-minded individuals who would consider training as a part of their mission efforts.

Through your faithful prayers and support and God’s guidance, we have seen many Christ-followers trained around the world. Those trained continue to have opportunities to use their skills, opening doors to share their faith in places previously resistant to the Gospel! We look forward to sharing the stories of the ongoing impact with you in the coming year.

Looking Forward

One of the ways we want to bring you into these stories is through a new podcast that we are launching in January. We will be hosting people from multiple organizations, working all around the world, sharing how they have been trained or train Christ-followers with tools to show the love of Christ. We desire to see this vision become a movement of God’s people, for His glory!

As we look to the year ahead, things are not slowing down.

Our engineering team is repurposing part of their workspace to dedicate a larger area to design and development. Our training schedule is filling up quickly, and we are diligently working to launch our farm training with upcoming trips planned in Africa in January, February, and March. We also continue to have frequent opportunities to share the ITEC vision to groups both large and small at mission conferences and churches.

We are thankful for the team that the Lord has brought together to accomplish this work and for your faithfulness in being a part of our extended team through prayer and support. We look forward to the new opportunities that await in 2020 and sharing with you how God is working along the way.


  • Shirley Unrau says:

    We pray for you and we support you. We pray for you both, Steve and Jamie EVERY NIGHT and the work of ITEC. We support you monthly and we just sent you our year-end money gift. What a wonderful opportunity to partner with such a Christ-centered, Bible-based ministry. Your ministry was born out of loss and pain and continues to flouish through Steve’s pain. God is turning ashes into beauty. God bless you all. Press on!!

  • Elise says:

    Thanking God for all He has and will accomplish through ITEC and your dedication!

  • Peter Kushkowski says:

    ITEC’s Maverick (“flying car”) may have perpetuated the aviation misconception.
    With no mention of it in the “Looking Forward” comments, do I assume correctly that this project has been discontinued ?

  • Barbara Hintz says:

    I love getting these updates. Will be praying for the work God is giving you to do. May He continue to give you the tools and dedicated people to carry on. How is your dad, Steve? Haven’t read anything lately about him. Is he still with you or with the Lord?