A Reminder of the Innovation and Sacrifice the PA-14 Has Come to Symbolize.

Volunteers and members of our team have been working over the past few months to display a prop airplane used in the End of the Spear movie. This model of the PA-14 was not the airplane flying in the movie, it was the replica used on the beach in the movie during the spearing.   

As you read last month, we have changed our logo and branding to reflect the three main areas of focus for ITEC: Develop, Train, and Equip. This change, however, doesn’t mean that we are any less connected to or inspired by the story God began to write in 1956.

Featured on this model of the PA-14 is the “bucket drop” technique. This method was invented by Nate Saint as a means of trying to airdrop gifts to Waodani people who, at the time, had never had peaceful contact with the outside world. The bucket drop involved reeling out a basket loaded with gifts on the end of a line behind the plane. Then Nate would fly in a circle so the line becomes a spiral with the basket at the center of the circle, letting out more line to lower the bucket to the ground as he circled above.

We think this is a great reminder of our history and Nate Saint’s innovation in missions. Now, every time we look up in our hanger, we are reminded about both the innovation and the sacrifice it may take to accomplish Christ’s Commission.