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An organization’s logo is an important part of its identity. At ITEC, for the last seven years, we have had a logo that tells the story of my grandfather Nate, and his four friends, that many of you are familiar with. We have found that understanding ITEC’s mission, and its connection to the 1956 story, has sometimes caused confusion.

In short, ITEC exists because, oftentimes, short-term missions create dependency that can sideline the indigenous church in the Great Commission. ITEC develops tools and training programs that equip and empower the indigenous church to meet basic needs in their community as a door opener to share the Gospel.

The Original ITEC Logo

When my Dad started ITEC in 1996, our original logo featured a handshake. This small element shared a vision of partnership and interdependency with indigenous Christ-followers as the cornerstone for ITEC. We were not going to travel overseas to ‘do things’ for the believers there, rather, we were going to develop tools to train and equip the church there. Indigenous Christ-followers know the language, understand the culture, and can navigate their context much better than we can. 

ITEC actually wasn’t my Dad’s idea, it was a request from the Waodani, the tribe that speared my grandfather and his four friends. So, in 2012, our logo was redesigned to its current version that prominently features the story that, in many ways, led to the eventual founding of ITEC. The two prominent features of the logo were Waodani spears and the Piper PA-14. At that time, ITEC was heavily involved in Ecuador, training in tandem with our team there.

Since 2012, God has opened doors for ITEC training far beyond the boundaries of Ecuador, or even South America. While our mission and vision haven’t changed, we have continued to refine what we do, asking God to lead the way. We are continually humbled by the people God has brought to our team both in the US and Ecuador in recent years.

It has become clear to our team that there is often confusion between our current branding and the work we actually do. In three words, ITEC develops, trains, and equips. We develop tools and training systems, we train mature Christ-followers around the world to meet physical needs of their own people as a door opener to share the gospel, and we equip others to do the same (both in the US and abroad). Many people, however, approach us at conferences, or even come tour our facility, asking us what kind of aviation work we do. Those who have followed ITEC for years are often shocked to learn that we are involved in so many other disciplines, all over the world, not just in Ecuador.

A New Look With Deep Meaning

With this knowledge, we embarked on a large branding redesign project and we’re happy to share it with you. Our new logo is simple and clean while having deep meaning built-in. The primary feature is the yellow box, in Piper yellow, honoring the legacy and roots ITEC has in the story that began with the missionaries killed in 1956. The box itself is also incomplete, with the ITEC letters both inside and outside of the box.  The development arm at ITEC requires outside the box thinkers to develop tools for frontier areas, while our training team must be very structured, operating inside the box. Under the logo we put our three mission objectives: Develop, Train, and Equip.

While we know that many of you have come to like our former logo, we hope you find equal excitement and meaning with this refocused branding. You will begin to see this logo replacing the old logo in many places very soon. We are thankful for your continued prayers, donations, and support of ITEC and the work that God has invited us to complete together. Thanks for being a part of the extended ITEC support team and for being a part of this story that God continues to write.


  • Edith says:

    I really like the simplicity of the logo yet it gives the details of what itec does.The open box is great idea for sticking to the vision yet not limiting the innovation!

  • Ramona Park says:

    Hi, Steve! I discovered the book “Through Gates of Splendor” when I was a teenager! About 1970. Since then no matter how often I read my books or see the movie, your dad’s story never gets old! I’m thrilled to have “End of the Spear” autographed by Minkaye and his wife! I like the new logo, but it needs a little yellow plane somewhere!💛

  • Joan Scofield says:

    I totally agree with Sharon at the top of this list of comments. I had exactly the same reaction. Can’t you add the plane back in, above the ITEC, and maybe the spears below?

  • Melissa Jaggears says:

    The new logo is attractive and well though-out … makes total sense,
    The history of the previous logos is very interesting.
    And yes, the symbolism of any logo is important, and
    its appropriate to update it as times change.

  • Sharon says:

    In looking closely at your older logo I see there are spears underneath the word ITEC. I just thought, WOW! How powerful. I also love the plane in the logo. The new logo is generic at best. Sorry whoever designed the logo was NOT thinking outside the box. If you must keep the box put the yellow spears along the bottom of the box & put the plane in it. The words are great & could have been added to the previous logo. Sorry to be discouraging about your new logo but the old one can not be improved upon. You have taken away why all of this started but the addition of the words is great.

    • Daniel says:


      Thanks for the feedback, and sorry you don’t like the new logo. We knew that embarking on a project like this would bring strong opinions, so we took the Proverbs 11:14 approach, seeking numerous sources for feedback. Many advisors from inside and outside of the organization, including some who are close to the story from 1956, gave their feedback throughout the process that took more than nine months. Ultimately, understanding ITEC’s mission had to be the key part of whatever new logo we adopted, as the video shares. While I doubt this will change your mind, at least at this point, I hope you can give the new logo some more time to grow on you. Thanks for your passion and for sharing your opinion with us.

      ITEC Team

  • Julie Thomas says:

    I like the new logo and agree that the three words better explain what ITEC is all about. Thank you for your work on this project. Great job!!!

  • Janine Vogel says:

    I agree 100% with the new logo. To be sensitive to God’s leading even in this area speaks volumes for ITEC! I am excited about serving alongside ITEC in this anointed ministry as a donor and in the future as a volunteer.

    • Daniel says:


      Appreciate your kind words, and for the desire to volunteer. To God be the glory!

      ITEC Team

  • Barbara Byron says:

    I probably haven’t looked at the logo as much as I’ve read all your letters and watched your videos to keep up with the progress you’ve made with ITEC’s mission. However, I like the idea and pray that those who DO pay a lot of attention to logos will be inspired and check out what you are doing. Jamie, I loved the video and at last I get to see what you look like as a grown man. Blessings to the ITEC teams around the world and your continued to equip Christ-followers to help their own peoples and share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Shalom,

  • Jacob Fields says:

    Well done everyone!