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Many countries in Southeast Asia have a very low percentage of Christians. We were connected with a partner in this region that requested storytelling training (I-FILM) and small engine repair training (I-FIX) to equip Christ-followers, opening doors for the Gospel.  Last month, Paul, Steve B, and Brian traveled to this country in Southeast Asia. Steve lead the I-FIX training along with two others, Brian led the I-FILM training also with two others, and Paul led the team.

We are so thankful for the ministry connections God has so intricately orchestrated. The ministry in Southeast Asia selected students that were committed believers, willing to risk everything for the sake of sharing the Gospel. Having spent time in prison, the founder of our partnering ministry was still very willing to learn a new skill in order to share Christ with the people around him.

Small Engine Repair Training

Motorcycles are the common mode of transportation in this region. This was the perfect backdrop to teach these committed believers how to help others with their bikes. As a significant need in their area, motorcycle repair becomes a great opportunity for believers to share the love of Christ with those around them. The I-FIX team had seven students who were eager to learn and willing to teach others what they learned. Steve was able to stress to them the importance of changing the oil and doing minor upkeep to the engine. The students shared that doing the minor upkeep can be expensive, but they were able to weigh the expense of small upkeep in comparison to buying a brand new engine. It was a perfect opportunity for Steve to share the parallels of mechanical maintenance and up-keeping our spiritual “engines” as well!

Storyteller Training

Our I-FILM training had nine students who were eager to learn and had some prior experience in photography and film. They expanded on what they already knew and added specific skills on how to create Gospel-centered documentaries. It was encouraging not only to hear their individual stories but to see how humble and willing they were to share their stories, knowing the risk. During the training, one of the teams recorded the story of a believer who came to Christ in a country where it is illegal to convert to Christianity. The powerful story can reach people through the privacy of a smartphone. God continues to show us the importance of training these believers to reach their people with the Gospel through media.

We are grateful for this partnership and the opportunity to train in Southeast Asia. While we have many future trips on the calendar for 2019, we also want to encourage your church to be involved in sustainable missions efforts as well. A great place to start would be hosting a Missions Dilemma study. Thank you for your prayers and support as God allows us to teach and train others.