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ITEC Engineers Troy and Aaron have continued to move forward in the testing and development of our UAV program. Our current flying wing airframe will still remain as we explore a higher payload airframe with a longer range. As battery technology continues to improve, a multi-engine UAV is being tested to hold up to a 1kg payload. 

ITEC’s involvement in engineering, research, and development is both challenging and rewarding. This multi-engine UAV airframe represents both an exciting opportunity, and a lot of hard work and testing.

As the team went out to test the new airframe in mid-January, there was both excitement and apprehension in the air. This airframe would be hand launched where the other airframe was launched from a bungee. The size and flying characteristics will be different than our other flying wing style UAV. The guys were preparing themselves for challenges, but were ultimately relieved and thrilled that the testing thus far progressed well with no crashes!

The increased weight carrying capacity of this UAV could allow an object the size and weight of a liter bag of saline to be delivered into difficult-to-reach areas beyond roads.

Please continue to pray for the development and engineering side of ITEC as we continue to forge new paths.


  • Michelle Kelso Kafer says:

    “That is so cool,” says Caedmon (8). Love how your videos inspire and open our kiddos mind to a whole other side of missions!

  • Roger Beal says:

    A thing of beauty to see … military technology redirected to lifesaving use. Great work, y’all!

    • Daniel says:

      It’s always exciting to ask, “How can tools technology be used to meet basic needs and Open Doors to the Gospel.” That’s what we’re all about! Thanks for reading Roger.

      Dan – From The ITEC Team