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In 1956, five men gave their lives for an eternal purpose. What so many considered a tragedy, God has worked together for good. There are countless stories of redemption from the tribe that once considered killing as a part of their conflict resolution. This is a story that only God can write.

What if we told you that the story is continuing to be written, and you could play a key role?

Partnership With the Waodani

ITEC is working in cooperation with the Waodani tribe in Ecuador to host an experience like no other.  For the first time in the tribe’s history, the younger generation is caring for a growing number of elders.  In an effort to create an economy to support the older generation, a group of Waodani Christians from the tribe asked the ITEC Team to help them in hosting short-term experiences in the jungle.  These visits will expose outsiders to a true hunter/gatherer lifestyle that can only truly be created by those who have lived it.

This one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive jungle experience is called a Wao Vision Trips. And this is your official invitation to our upcoming trip.

We would love for you to meet our team in Quito, Ecuador (the capital city) and travel to Shell, where Nate Saint was stationed. There we will spend 1-2 nights before heading out to stay in the jungle with Waodoni, where they will be our host. Our accommodations for 4-5 days will be just outside of Tzapino, where Mincaye lives. We will learn Waodoni culture and lifestyle through hunting and fishing, making spears, building a garden, or learning how to make hammocks. What better way to enjoy the Amazon Rain Forest than to be hosted by those who call it home?

What is the Purpose of a Wao Vision Trip?

To clarify, we are not calling these ‘mission’ trips, but ‘vision’ trips. The Wao Vision Trips are designed to not only provide life long memories but also to challenge your perspective on missions and different cultures. By going, you will be directly contributing to the Wao’s economy while also viewing missions efforts from the receiving point of view. This is not a trip where you will be doing building projects to help the Waodani. In fact, you may find that this experience changes your whole perspective on how missions is traditionally done and what missions is.

The trip is designed for various levels of travelers from all ages. If you are willing to learn and ready for an adventure, there is a spot for you on the Wao Vision Trip. Visit this page below to fill out a registration form. You can also request a custom trip date if you have a group of eight or more ready to go.

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