The other day a friend asked me, “What does ITEC do, other than the flying car?”

It is certainly a legitimate question, as the Maverick has gained a lot of media coverage over the years. But ITEC is so much more than a group of engineers that developed a flying car.

ITEC exists to train and equip Christ-followers around the world to meet the physical needs of their own people as a door opener for the Gospel.

Long-term Impact, Short-term Trip

Each week our growing and diverse team gathers at our facility in Central Florida to continue this endeavor, finding creative ways to make a long-term impact on a short-term trip. At the same time, our extended team at the edge of the Amazon Jungles in Ecuador is operating through the same vision.

Over the past few years we have traveled to over 30 countries training Christ-followers in dentistry (I-DENT), medicine (I-MED), sight enhancement (I-SEE), video production (I-FILM), and mechanics (I-FIX). Our team is continuing the development into agriculture (I-FARM), aviation (UAV), trauma counseling for refugees and many other potential programs.

So to answer my friend, I explained how most short-term mission trips involve going and doing, while ITEC strives to go and train. Our goal is to develop tools and training for the local church to continue meeting the needs of people in their community and surrounding communities, long after we have returned home. This mission requires a very creative and outside the box thinking team; the kind of team that might develop a flying car, like the Maverick.

Giving God all the Credit

Every time I share where the Lord has brought us, and the work He has allowed us to be a part of, all of the credit can only go to Him. It is beyond any of us. I am amazed at the developments happening within our team, and I can’t wait to share more as the year goes on.  But, we give God all the credit.

Thank you for being a part of the extended ITEC Team. You are just as much a part of this journey as you join with us in prayer and support. You encourage us to continue the work. We ask for your prayers in 2019 that we will have wisdom to know the places He would have us to go, the partners He would have us to work with, and the tools He would want us to develop.

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  • Adrian Howe says:

    Hi, Is the Maverick Car still available? If so does MaverickLSA have an email address as being UK based it can be difficult to phone the US for work projects?
    many thanks