“Is it true? If our hearts aren’t right nothing else is right!”

Dear God, it’s me again.

I’ve just done a periodic check-up and frankly, it’s not looking very good. People I know only casually keep telling me the usual; “You are amazing.” “You are doing really great, considering what you’ve been through.” And, “You inspire and encourage me!”

The problem now is my heart. That is the one area I thought I wouldn’t have to worry about.  The symptoms began showing up years ago but they have been masked by other stuff.

I have known that I need regular exercise. People around me only see me when I’m out in public. They don’t see me when I’m just sitting around, coasting. What got my attention and motivated me to check things out has been a growing lethargy.

It has come on so slowly that I almost missed it. But, finally, the symptoms have become too obvious to overlook. Each week I get everything set up for the following week. Then, during the week I take my “remedies” three times a day. Some days I take a little extra dose. But what I’ve been doing isn’t enough anymore.  I almost feel like I’m living in a stupor sometimes.

I see the world around me but I somehow don’t feel like I’m really part of it. For a while, I thought it was just that my productivity has been drastically curtailed since my injury. But none of those changes can explain me losing interest and almost falling asleep in the middle of a conversation. And then there are those embarrassing times I see, as it were, spots on my shirt. I realize I’ve been drooling.  I actually get bored by other people telling me about the issues they are facing.

It used to be that a select few studied for years and years, adding degrees to their names until we took what they said as the “Gospel Truth.”

With the advent of the internet, anyone who is connected can research their own symptoms and become sort of an overnight expert. My own research confirmed that I really do have heart trouble. It has me worried.

Experts all agree. There are many, many ailments that can drag you down. But our hearts are critical. Many symptoms that seem unrelated get traced back to heart trouble. I don’t have many degrees behind my name but when it comes down to it, I have lived with myself for a very long time and I have finally come to the point of facing the state of affairs.

I have heart trouble that is going to take some serious remediation. It is too obvious to overlook it any longer.

While I’m facing the facts and letting you know what is ailing me, Lord, I might as well put all my cards on the table. You know I regularly see a general practitioner, a Urologist, a Dermatologist, a __________, and now I’ve had to add a cardiologist.

I just got news that my other heart isn’t doing as well as I thought either. I am going to need a pacemaker. Is it true? If our hearts aren’t right nothing else is right!

When the cardiologist gave me the news about the pacemaker, he acted like it was no big deal. I looked for some reassurance from him. “Compared to having the large Baclofen Pump surgically implanted in my abdomen, this is probably a relatively minor operation, right?”  He smiled and sent Ginny and me on our way with a casual reply. “If you don’t die during the procedure, you’ll be done in about 45 minutes. And you won’t be plagued by the lethargy you’ve been experiencing.

If only our spiritual and emotional heart conditions could be remedied as easily!  As we join together to heal the physical and spiritual wounds of hurting people in frontier areas, let’s keep each other physically and spiritually healthy.



Please pray for Steve today, April 13, 2018, as he goes into surgery to receive a pacemaker. 




    Paul and I would like an update on the result of Steve’s surgery to receive his pacemaker,
    13 April 2018..

    • Daniel says:

      Hi Carole,

      Steve has been doing well and the pacemaker surgery was a success. He has actually been in Ecuador over the past two weeks for the first time since his injury in 2012. Thanks for your continued prayers for his health and for the ministry of ITEC.

      The ITEC Team

  • MargieLou Hall says:

    Steve, so sorry to hear about your heart trouble. Hope the pacemaker is working for you by now. We do pray for you regularly. My husband met your dad on his last trip to the USA at Rockwell, Int.

  • Betty Hopkins says:

    Sending prayers. We are members of the class of 1961, Wheaton College.