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On a recent training trip (which included I-SEE, I-FILMI-MED, and I-DENT), we were asked to take our I-SEE and I-DENT teams to an even more remote area from where the trainings were conducted.  After nearly two hours of travel over bumpy, dusty roads, and then another hour of setup, our trainees began seeing the large group of patients who were waiting outside the small, country church building we used as a clinic. 

As the day progressed, five ITEC dental chairs continually held patients and the I-SEE team steadily progressed through their waiting line.  With each patient, Pastors and church leaders prayed and shared the truth of the Gospel. These pastors and leaders were from several different geographical areas and had come together to receive training that would allow them to uniquely reach people in the remote areas where they live.  While watching this scene, one of the ITEC team members said, “It really works!”. Though he had been a trainer on many trips, his current leadership role gave him a new perspective.

african dentist with patientIt took me a moment to realize what he said.  I thought, “of course it really works; why else would we come?” I have thought back to his comment several times since we returned to the USA. It struck me that many of the ITEC family members have never witnessed the impact that a training and equipping trip can have on the communities where we go.  Training Christ followers in remote areas to meet the physical needs of their own people as a door opener for the Gospel gives them access and relationship to people in areas that are often hostile to the Gospel.

With Christmas right around the corner, we want to thank you, the ITEC family for praying for us, staying in touch with us, and supporting us as we go.  Romans 10:13-17 tells us that we each have a role to play in missions. Some pray, some go, some send.  Ultimately, the word of God is heard because of your faithfulness. 

Next year is already holding promise for many more training trips and opportunities to share the vision of ITEC. Continue to stand with us as we strive to follow the Lord’s leading in 2018.


See the updated trip list and please join us in prayer for God’s guidance in 2018.