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“ITEC is working in countries across the globe and in the United States on a variety of projects” – Jaime Saint

We often have people who want to hear or share with a friend what ITEC is all about.  They may have heard of the Saint family story that started with Nate Saint and then continued with Steve Saint.  Most people who have heard about ITEC think that we are only working with the Waodani tribe in Ecuador. In reality, though, ITEC is working in countries across the globe and in the United States on a variety of projects:

  • Equipping the church in developed countries to reevaluate their missions strategy
  • Coming alongside the church in North America to challenge Christ followers to live intentionally
  • Developing tools and training systems to empower the indigenous church
  • Taking training trips to developing countries, empowering the indigenous church to show and share the love of Christ by meeting the physical needs of people in their community
  • Working with like-minded churches and ministries to expand our reach around the world are the main things on which ITEC is focused.

It is nearly impossible to share these five things, even without unpacking what each means, before you realize that you have lost your audience.  Even for people who join the ITEC Team, it often takes more than a year to really understand everything in which ITEC is involved.  ITEC’s media team put together a three-minute video giving you a glimpse into ITEC and the impact the ITEC team is having around the world.

We invite you to watch and share this video that encourages and challenges us all to take a New Look at Missions.




  • Shannon Zorn says:

    Could you send me more information on the I-fly program? How does one apply? What are the costs? What are the requirements to be accepted to the program? Where do students live? Who are the teachers?
    My son is interested in missionary aviation and we know about your program through the Brinkman Adventures.

    I appreciate any information you can send me.

    Shannon Zorn

    • Jim Tingler says:


      Thanks for looking into the I-FLY Program, and btw the Brinkman Adventures are awesome… It is great to hear about your son’s desire to become a missionary pilot.  I would assume that you have already read the I-Fly information on the website – This is one of ITEC’s newest programs and is an Airframe and Power-plant (A&P) Mechanic School.  This was designed to train and equip young Christ followers who feel the calling to international missions using aviation as a resource.  

      For anyone interested in joining that program or any program there is a team application form on “Get Involved” page –

      For any additional questions and easier correspondence, you can email me directly at [email protected].

      Thank You!

      Jim, ITEC Team