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How Does ITEC Fit Into Reaching Unreached People Groups Around the World?

That’s a great question!

We are all called to reach those who’ve never heard the Gospel before. However, certain groups of people are considered “unreached” because they don’t have the Bible in their native language and there are no churches readily accessible to them. So what’s ITEC’s role in reaching those unreached groups?

Well, if you’re familiar with ITEC’s vision and mission, then you already know that we work alongside the local church in whatever country and community we are providing training. That automatically means we don’t directly go into the unreached areas because there’s no church there to partner with. However, many of the churches in rural areas have access to these unreached areas and also have a desire to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Imagine going into a village in the Amazon jungle or in the African bush where you must have a translator (or sometimes through multiple translators) to translate for you from English into the local tribal language. Communication this involved is difficult and time consuming! On top of the obstacle of language are also the obstacles of culture, difficult traveling, lack of running water and facilities, along with uncomfortable accommodations. While getting adjusted to this new environment, you must now share the Gospel in a culturally-sensitive and appropriate way.  That can be a daunting task!

The neighboring Christ-followers, who are familiar with the culture and the language, are more than capable of reaching those unreached groups that are living close to the same regions as they are. Some regions may or may not be open to having strangers in their village, and this is where ITEC hopes to make a difference. With practical skills to help the local church like dental or medical care, small-engine repair, filming, or others, the villages may be more readily accepting of neighboring outsiders and the message they carry with them.