At a recent Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville,  Kentucky, ITEC had the privilege of filming an interview with Dr. Florence Muindi.  She is the Founding President / CEO of Life in Abundance and is considered a leader in the ministry of community development.

A native to Kenya, Florence is a medical doctor by training and has pioneered Life in Abundance’s transformational development model.  In the following four videos, Florence shares the story of how God began her ministry by empowering a local church to meet needs in their community.  Please watch and share.

Part 1 – Transformational Development

“We just saw what it means when a church begins to mobilize a community and begins to influence them, not just in the physical but also in the spiritual.” – Dr. Florence Muindi

Part 2 – Empowerment

“That’s the root cause of sustainable development… That people are equipped and are trained and are engaged in their own development, then it becomes sustainable.” – Dr. Florence Muindi

Part 3 – Sustainable Development

“We equip the church to be the source of hope and development in the community.” – Dr. Florence Muindi

Part 4 – On-Going Relief

“On-Going Relief is the killer of development because it creates dependency.  It brings a message to the people receiving relief that they are not capable.  It takes away their dignity and it affirms that an outside force would be the only one to address their needs.” – Dr. Florence Muindi

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