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Dr. Florence Muindi is the Founding President / CEO of Life in Abundance and is considered a leader in the ministry of community development. A native to Kenya, Florence is a medical doctor by training and has pioneered Life in Abundance’s transformational development model.  In this short video, Florence shares the story of how God began her ministry by empowering a local church to meet needs in their community.

We just saw what it means when a church begins to mobilize a community and begins to influence them, not just in the physical but also in the spiritual.” 
– Dr. Florence Muindi


  • Nancy says:

    Keep up good work Dr Flo,praying for you

  • Dr. Peter Okaalet says:

    Dear Florence,

    Greetings! Congratulations to you and to LIA for making impact in the lives of people – both young and old – through the transformational ministry that is built on partnering with the ‘local churches’, to reach communities! Please keep it up!

    God abundantly bless you!


    • ITEC Team says:


      Thanks for your response, but we only filmed and posted the video of Florence. Please follow one of the links to her website at Life in Abundance for communication.

      Jim Tingler
      ITEC Development and Relations

  • Eric Amison says:

    The work of LIA and Dr. Muindi may mirror what our organization is attempting to do. My wife and I are creating a medical wing for an organization called XMA or Extreme Missionary Adventures. XMA focuses on mobilizing the church in developed countries to equip and mobilize the church specifically in remote locations of the world. We partner with missionaries and pastors that are on the ground to help transform lives. My wife and I have recently joined XMA to create a medical division for the organization. We have been participating in medical missions for a long time. Sustainability, transformation, and empowerment are our major goals. We would love to not have to reinvent the proverbial wheel. So, any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

    • ITEC Team says:


      Thanks for sharing some of your background. Are you aware of the training and tools developed at ITEC ( Here is a link to the medical training program – We would love to be able to connect and process your vision for “Sustainability, transformation, and empowerment”… These are our major goals as well. Feel free to call our office at 352-465-4545 or you can email me directly at [email protected].

      Look forward to hearing from you.

      Jim Tingler
      ITEC Development and Relations