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“If I could change one thing about the North American attitude to missions it would be the paternalistic relationship that has been developed and has been entrenched in the receiving country.” – Paul Morris

There is often a tendency of the North American church to foster a dependent relationship with any church that they plant.  The ongoing relationship is paternalistic, with the North American church having a need to be needed, rather than treating church plants as equal members of the family of Christ through an interdependent relationship.  In this short clip from Session 3 of the Missions Dilemma, Paul Morris shares how North America has done a great job at planting the church, but still needing to grow into interdependence and away from dependence.




    God did not put in us a spirit of Christ to be revealed by works but for us to seek the invisible. Meaning that church is not revealed in the visible but in the invisible that gives to GOD the glory and praise only. Many in the church today only seek the visible for self glory and they have receive their reward. But those who seek that HE receive the glory only will be truly blessed

    • ITEC Team says:

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts David. It is always important to make sure we have the right heart attitude in ministry and missions.

      Jim Tingler
      ITEC Development and Relations