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We serve God by following Him, not by designing a project that we can do to see if we can get His approval when the project is complete.  We follow Him by find out where He is working and joining Him.  This is not complicated.  He is looking for disciples to serve Him by making disciples.

In this short clip from Session 1 of the Missions Dilemma, Steve Hawthorne challenges us to not create projects and ask God to bless them, but to follow Jesus by finding out where He is working and joining Him.

“Follow me… Jesus is saying that instead of us trying to get Him to come into our life, if we will follow Him and not serve Him by making up a bunch of projects….  Find out what He is doing and join Him and follow Jesus in it.” – Steve Hawthorne


  • Christina Daumer says:

    I believe a big part of western missions that has caused a problem is how we “choose” and send, and who we”choose” and send.

    Organizations and not God is doing most of the sending. We have created career missionaries, and do not honestly believe that God qualifies the called, not calls the qualified.

    With all these very capable qualified career missionaries is anyone surprised those being reached feel the American is in charge?

    If the missionary must be so qualified, how can the indigenous people be looked at and treated as called and God will qualify?

    It starts with how and who is sent.

    • Christina, you bring up some very interesting points. There are a lot of questions we need to be asking the Lord to guide us in. We do not want to do more of the same just because that is the way that we have always done it. We need to evaluate how things are going and be willing to make changes as God leads. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.