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I-TEC has many opportunities for internships over the summer, as well as other times around the year.  From assisting with the production and development of the Maverick flying car, to gaining cultural experience abroad at the I-TEC learning center in Ecuador, there are many areas to find a fit.  If you are interested in more information on these programs please contact us at interns@itecusa.org.

volunteeR with I-TeC

The I-TEC Team is built of people from a wide variety of backgrounds all working together for one common goal; developing innovative tools that meet practical needs around the world and open doors to the Gospel.  We have volunteers that come to I-TEC and weld, do construction, paint, and work on airplanes, but we also have people who help us fold newsletters, cook lunch, and clean.  If you have the time and would like to help us in any way, please click the link below to fill out a volunteer application.



87-year-old Gene Walrath tells the story of how he met Steve Saint and started volunteering for I-TEC. Gene had moved to Florida after retiring and was open to any opportunities that he could help others. "I don't have much, but what I do have is time," Gene explained. His willingness to go and help wherever was the perfect fit for I-TEC. Gene has been a huge part in the development of the Dental Chairs and the I-See tools. Click video to watch.

VISION TRips teaching them to Fish

Vision Trips are short-term mission trips that have two focuses.  One is training and equipping.  We build a team of professionals who specialize in either medicine, dentistry, optometry, or mechanics who will train indigenous Christ-followers on the I-TEC tools.  In a few days time, a basic knowledge of these skills will be acquired that will allow that Christ-follower to have a door opener for the Gospel into a place where they might not have otherwise had a chance.  This allows them to go and meet immediate felt needs before sharing the Gospel.  The other focus of the trip is for people to participate and be exposed to missions being done in this way.  This is the Vision portion of the trip.  It is hard to believe that the skills many professionals spent years in school to be able to practice in the United States can safely be taught in a matter of days, but it is possible.  If you feel that God is leading you to rethink your current mission strategy, or that you would like to see that this is possible, please consider joining our team for the next trip.




May 14 -22 - I-DENT in Peru


July 8-17 - I-FILM training in Brazil


August 2016 - Training In GHANA


The Wao Vision Trip

I-TEC is working in cooperation with the Waodani tribe in Ecuador in hosting an experience like no other.  For first time in the tribe’s history, there are a growing number of elderly people that some members of the younger generation have decided to care for.  In an effort to create an economy to support the older generation, a group of Waodani Christians from the tribe has asked I-TEC and I-TEC Ecuador to help them in hosting short-term experiences in the jungle.  These visits will expose outsiders to a true hunter/gatherer lifestyle that can only truly be created by those who have lived it.  We are calling these short-term experiences “Wao Tours.”


Overview of the Trip

This short-term trip will offer an exposure of different cultures and people, while also allowing the indigenous people to be in the driver’s seat.  The team will fly into Quito, travel down to Shell, where they will spend 1-2 nights before heading out to the jungles for 4-5 days.  The village where the teams will be staying in the jungle is right outside of Tzapino, where Mincaye lives.  In the jungles, you will spend time living the Waodani lifestyle.  This could include things like hunting and fishing, building a garden, or learning how to make hammocks.  While we are in the jungles, the Waodani are in charge.


After leaving the jungles, we will have a couple days in Shell.  During this time, a team leader from I-TEC will process through material that will help challenge your perspective on missions.  We will take the last two days to see Ecuador and experience the culture as we head back up to Quito.  The time in Quito will include a trip to the equator.


Cost of the Trip

The cost of this experience is $1,500 plus airfare from the U.S. to Quito, Ecuador.  This fee will cover all of your expenses from the time you arrive in Ecuador until the time you leave.  The only additional expense you might have would be for any souvenirs you decide to purchase on the trip.




July 20-29, 2017



Our trips don't work with your schedule?


to the Jungle with us!


1. Make a group of 8+ people. (over 15+ people and it could be just your group)

2. Email us to work on a schedule here: info@itecusa.org

Vision Trip Sponsor

The encouragement that this trip brings to the Waodoni people is difficult to put into words.  By giving them the opportunity to to host you on a short-term trip, you are empowering them to continue the work in their village year round.  However, not everyone will be able to go on this one of a kind trip.  It is not realistic for everyone to physically participate in the trip to Ecuador, but is possible for you to financially support someone desiring to go.  A donation to this program could help to offset the cost for individuals who are prayerfully seeking the Lord to provide the lacking funds in order for them to participate.  Would you consider a partial sponsorship for one of these people?


Help supPort I-TeC

I-TEC is in need of support for projects, equipment, and travel expenses as we develop tools that open doors to the Gospel.  I-TEC can only achieve its goals with the assistance of generous donations from people like you.  Without these donations, developing the tools to help those in the hardest to reach areas would not be possible. Since our organization relies on the generosity of individuals like you, please consider making a donation. All gifts are tax deductible.


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