Opening Doors to the Gospel by Meeting Needs with Innovative Tools.

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I-See is a program that equips indigenous God-followers with the skills they need to identify and treat common eyesight problems as a small self-sustaining ministry.

An eye checkup takes five minutes and a pair of glasses cost $5. Mission groups can purchase the I-See 200 Eyeglasses kit for $950. Recent changes to the I-See program now provide an option that is more portable and less expensive. The new kit includes 200 pairs of glasses instead of 400 and is available for $950 rather than $2100.  While the I-See program is designed to be self-sustaining, we would welcome sponsors to help get the kits into new areas around the world. Please consider helping Christ-followers in other countries get this program off the ground.

The glasses are packaged into ministry-ready kits that are equipped with 200 pairs of glasses. The new I-See 200 Kit costs $950, which not only includes the 200 pairs of glasses, but also the non-verbal training DVD, a traveling case, 2 lens ladders, 2 eye charts, a repair kit, and all of the other necessary tools for someone to do a full eye exam.



I-SEE Sponsor

Help contribute toward an I-SEE kit to an indigenous Christ follower to help get this program around the world.