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About I-MED


The I-MED (Indigenous Medical Training) system is an intensive, highly-focused medical training program designed to make it possible for indigenous non-health care workers to learn to offer safe and effective health care services to those who otherwise would not have access to medical care. When medical services are not available, anyone who can bring life-saving skills to a community has an instant platform for sharing their motivation for providing that health care. Equipping the local church to provide these services to the community, makes Christ’s love tangible to those who otherwise might not be disposed to listen.


I-MED consists of non-verbal modules, which can be custom selected to meet specific local needs. There are a variety of elective modules that may be added to the four foundational modules of body anatomy, history and physical exam, medical delivery, and community hygiene. Existing modules and outlines for future modules have been developed through an I-TEC staff doctor working with volunteer medical professionals and various animators.


The results of our several trial courses have been successful and the potential of this program is mind-boggling. Initial students in the trial courses have met real physical needs while creating relationships with hurting people that have opened doors for I-MED trainees to share their faith in Christ. This program has vast potential for opening doors in countries where the gospel is shut out.


For a sample video of some of the non-verbal training videos click here:





Using non-verbal videos, the I-MED program is easily transferable to all languages, making it viable for any medical mission trip. Training is made even easier with a written manual for the trainer to walk the students through. Over the course of only a couple weeks, medical professionals can pass on their skills to people in places where there is little to no access to basic medical care. Student medical kits are soon to be available as well, full of everything the students need to continue caring for the community.


Once trained, these indigenous medical students can continue to provide much needed care to their communities all year round. By training, rather than doing, you can provide medical aid to people even after leaving the country. There will be no long lines still waiting for a doctor as you pack up to head home because there is now someone to carry on your medical and spiritual ministry in their own cultural context. You are truly multiplying yourself and your ministry.


Training those that are on the front line of the mission field, enables the local to church to equip others to care for physical needs in order to reach their spiritual needs. These tools will provide a way to reach people for years to come.



An I-TEC training team opened the gospel during a Vision Trip to Ecuador in a Shuar village by providing basic medical procedures to a local when bitten by a poisonous snake.

Join the Mission


There are three main ways to get involved in the I-MED program:


1. If you have a passion for missions and for helping hurting people with your medical skills, then multiply your efforts by developing that passion in others. Take an I-MED training program with you on your next trip and empower the local church to provide for their community’s spiritual and physical needs. You can continue to care for the community’s medical needs all year round through the hands and feet of the local church.


2. Help us create more modules. We need researchers, animators, and passionate medical people to help create more material for I-MED.


3. Contact us about going on an I-TEC Vision Trip or a trip with one of our partners. We would love to have you along to help train and empower local believers with us!