Opening Doors to the Gospel by Meeting Needs with Innovative Tools.

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An I-TEC training team opened the gospel during a Vision Trip to Ecuador in a Shuar village by providing basic medical procedures to a local when bitten by a poisonous snake.

I-Med is a medical services program consisting of elective modules, which can be custom selected to meet specific local needs. These elective modules are added to four foundational modules: body anatomy, history and physical exam, medical delivery, and community hygiene. Existing modules and outlines for future modules have been developed through an I-TEC staff doctor working with volunteer medical professionals and an indigenous graphic artist in southern Peru. I-TEC began beta-testing I-Med modules in March 2009. The results of several trial courses have been successful. The potential of this program is mind-boggling. Initial students in the trial courses have met real physical needs creating relationships with hurting people that have opened doors for I-Med trainees to share their faith in Christ.

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